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Oh my Pebbles

Sweater no. 18 - size M, L and XL

Sweater no.18 MyFavouriteThings Knitwear Kit

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Sweater No. 18 is an oversize sweater worked in a textured pattern consisting of knit and purl stitches. The silhouette is inspired by the voluminous tops of the 80’s and features dropped shoulders and a boxy fit. The sweater is worked from the top down without any need for additional finishing.

For this size you will receive 6 skeins of yarn in your chosen color with a printed colour version of the knitting pattern. 

Length M (L) XL - measured at the center back below the neck rib: 59 (60) 62 cm & 23.25 (23.5) 24.25 inches.
Sweater circumference: 125 (132) 138 cm &  49 (52) 54.25 inches.

5 mm [US 8] circular needles (80 or 100 cm [32 or 40 inches)
4 mm [US 6] circular needles (40 or 80 cm [16 or 32 inches])