About Pebbles

Welcome to Oh my Pebbles!


 Yes, this is Pebbles, my favourite sheep and the sweetest in the world.

And how beautiful is her wool and that of all her friends out there. My passion for these animals and knitting are expressed by our lovely knitting yarn named Woolly.

Oh my Pebbles yarn is made of postconsumer textile waste with a guaranteed minimal content of 65% pure wool (Woolly) or 65% pure cotton (CottonUp) or 80% denim cotton (Jeanius). The yarn is made from old clothing that is disregarded by us and mostly collected in textile collection containers. We find it difficult to understand why so many clothing is thrown away so easily, while so many items are still perfectly fine to wear. Don't even mention wasted items that didn't last longer than one or two seasons due to poor quality....

  • Textile landfill is our resource, sorted by colour and shredded into pulp. The pulp becomes roving of which a new yarn thread is spun.
  • The yarn is GRS certified, which means that the input, processes and social working conditions are controlled.
  • No chemicals are used as no dye has been needed as the textile waste is sorted and shredded by colour.
  • Hardly any water is used in this process.
  • Part of the electricity is generated by solar panels. 

Crafting your own product, either by knitting, crochet or sewing; it just makes you appreciate your clothes so much more. How great to do this with 100% recycled yarn from textile waste!

We love to offer you knitting and crochet yarn in many lovely colours and a remarkable soft quality. We have recycled yarn with a high content of wool, but also give you the option to buy recycled cotton variants. The amount of cotton waste is even higher and perfect yarn for finer pieces or baby clothes as it wears so soft against your skin. 

 Why would we use new resources when we can re-use? If you care about our planet and yourself you have a choice now to buy yarns with positive impact!