100% recyclede yarn from wool or cotton

Choosing The Right Knitting Yarn

Choosing The Right Knit Product: Why 100% Recycled Wool or Cotton Should Be Your Go-To

Choosing the right knit product is not always easy. It can be hard to know which is the right choice with so many options to choose from. While some may want to choose synthetic fibers or cotton, the best choice that will not only yield the best products but is also the best for the environment is Oh My Pebbles 100% knitting wool. In this article, we cover just what makes our 100% recycled wool superior to other products on the market.

The History Of Our Recycled Wool and Cotton

Our wool has a unique story behind it. Instead of creating new products that waste environmental resources, all of our recycled wool is made out of used clothing. While this clothing would typically become discarded into landfills and going to waste, we've instead found a new purpose and life for these materials. 

The wool that we create is not only more sustainable but also reduces our water consumption. The textile scraps are sorted by color and do not need to be re-dyed, so many processes are cut out, saving a lot of resources used. And since it takes less time to work with balls than traditional skeins or hanks there are several reasons here that make knitting easier on yourself! 

Not only are our products better for Mother Earth in general (we're saving resources!), they're light weight and soft too, making it easier to create the knit project of your dreams, whether that's a blanket, scarf, sweater, or whatever else you desire. 

Choosing Yarn With An Ethical Background

If you're looking for a high-quality, eco-friendly yarn that's 100% recycled, then look no further. Oh My Pebbles is passionate about sustainability and creating items with lower environmental impact and taking a little bit more care off Mother Earth while enjoying the fun of arts.

Our 100% recycled wool and cotton yarn is the perfect material to use for any of your knitting products! Check out our full online yarn store today to find out more information on all the benefits of using our sustainable materials.